Founded in 1998 by Rod Sprules and Joanne Johnson, Robustion Technologies Inc. began as a product development company. Shortly thereafter, it changed its focus to manufacturing in order to produce and market one of the founderís inventions - the Java-Log - a firelog made with recycled coffee grinds. The Java-Log was nominated by Time Magazine as one of the best inventions in 2003. The Java-Log is now owned by Jarden Corporation and produced and retailed all over North America. Learn more about the Java-Log story here.


Robustion is presently partnering with several companies involved in clean technology, consumer products and digital media to bring new products to market. Robustion is also providing services to a number of innovative organizations.


Robustionís mission is to leverage its experience in developing innovative ideas and business startups in order to help companies realize their full potential by: maximizing the value of product development; achieving effective intellectual property protection; increasing production efficiency; establishing successful supplier and customer networks; and securing effective financing.

Core Values

Excellence in product design and performance. Businesses need products that consistently meet all of their expectations in terms of technical, market and financial performance.

Versatility and flexibility is imperative to exploiting opportunities. Every change generates an opportunity for progress; change should be embraced.

Enjoying the process. Success in business requires hard work; in order to work hard, you have to enjoy the people youíre working with and the work youíre doing.

Generating win-win relationships between companies and their suppliers, customers and employees. Success is about relationships; relationships have to provide benefits to all parties.

Co-Founder - Rod Sprules, P.Eng.

As a professional mechanical engineer, Rod Sprules has over 20 years experience entailing research and development, small business startup and management, machine design, manufacturing process development/optimization/automation, and intellectual property. He has developed diverse products and processes such as industrial electric forklifts, software, personal climate systems for astronauts/jet pilots/scuba divers, canteens/trailers for military, the Java-Log, and various automated process machinery.
Co-Founder - Joanne Johnson

Joanne has over 20 years experience in helping organizations understand the drivers of success and developing and implementing business strategies. An economist by training, her key areas of expertise include: business and financial planning, raising money, market analysis, statistical analysis, marketing and sales strategy development and accessing government funding. Joanne has worked with organizations in a variety of sectors including: manufacturing, consumer products, high-tech, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, clean technology, health, mining and Aboriginal issues.

Prior to joining Robustion Technologies Inc. on a full time basis, Joanne was an Associate Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, where she spent 14 years of her career helping companies develop business plans, assisting non-profit organizations in the development of business cases and advising on and reviewing government programs designed to support innovation and commercialization. Prior to working with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Joanne published articles on the keys to success among start-ups and innovative firms, while a Senior Economist with Statistics Canada and the OECD. Joanne has provided support to Robustion Technologies Inc. since its inception in 1998.